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Those who fail to innovate will become irrelevant in tomorrow’s business and societal landscape...

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Mosaic Lab Team here to help you develop your ideas and commercialize your products. If you are technology...

Mosaic Venture

Mosaic Venture will be helping you to grow your company by


Mosaic AI Research

Mosaic AI Research is a cutting-edge AI research lab that brings entrepreneurial research to the forefront for commercialization.

We are focusing on understanding and solving hard problems with AI and facilitating Ontario companies to bring their product to the Global marketplace.

We work with Leading academic institutions, executives, and Technology companies as well as Engineers, Managers, and Architects step by step to enhance the adoption of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

With our Mosaic AI program, we develop ground-breaking artificial intelligence algorithms and solutions for our partners.


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Mosaic Lab
Startup Services

Bringing start-ups and companies will together in one place will bring many benefits such as Collaborations, Partnership and Acquisitions.

Startup services

Every idea and start-up is different. The team at Mosaic Lab understands that the needs of each venture can vary on a case by case basis. Depending on the requirement of the start-up in order to help attain their goals, Mosiac Lab can structure each opportunity accordingly to ensure that start-ups are in a position to succeed.


Explore industry, innovation, and technology landscapes to identify opportunity areas within your business to pursue. Business Landscape Exploration identifies a wide range of opportunity areas within your company to transform.

Mentorship, Product Advice & Validation

Mosiac Lab will provide coaching from dedicated Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and advisors acting as a part of the team.

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